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Originally Posted by creeping death View Post
are you a dick in real life? i don't know because i have never met you.

what i meant and should have typed was you're PTSD comment was a dick move.

the link if not deleted, would have trumped your dick move by far.

the thing is, if any of you accidentally took somebody out, it would haunt you no matter how big your e-penis is.

and if you guys have to hit that low to fukc with somebody, you guys are really loosing your creativity.

now, i have to go to the movie store to rent more porn and pick up more cheetos while i'm out.
I understand your comment, I respect your opinion, and agree it was a dick type thing to say. I also disagree with your opinion about taking someones life, and it haunting you forever. Fucking with someone, yes, should have limits however.

My penis is so huge it is now known by the plural term, epenii.
Enjoy your porn.-
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