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Default Sorry, been non-stop busy since then.

I think it went quite well.
They were very nice.

We'll have to continue our work on the M37 Project to see how the process unfolds. Now, at least, they have a MUCH better understanding of what it is we're looking for!

They seem QUITE willing to work WITH the 4WD crowd -- BUT -- the 4WD crowd MUST properly use the tools as set forth by the rules and laws the NFS operates under.

The BIGGEST hurdle we MUST overcome to really make this work on a large scale:

They HONESTLY believe conscientious, organized, four wheelers are the minority and the 'tear it up when ever and where ever you want' crowd is the majority.

This makes them wonder if giving us the type of system we asked for would really reduce off-trail behavior, or not.

We MUST get people educated and organized.

(begin rant)
Either join a club or form a new one of your liking.


GET INCORPORATED and join the new GLFWDA and there-by UNITED through them.

There is a LOT of help available with how to incorporate and organize.

This is the ONLY way to keep count of our numbers.
The NFS and DNR don't.
If you're not a member of an Association, you're uncounted!

Your inaction has inadvertently become part of our problem.

P L E A S E !

(end rant, sorry I'm tired)

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