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Originally Posted by @_'-' View Post
Well, I have had my fun with all this BS. I am truely not "that" guy. I just wanted to piss with you all and it was fun. (By the way, I decided this after the initial bashing, ya know, when I went and deleted my posts) So here it is. I would like to offer a formal apology to the members of GL4x4. I am sure that this thread will end up like the others. As far as anyone "not liking me" you don't know me as a person. You know this online name, which is all it is. People in general interpret things that are typed in different ways and form opinions about how they read it and how they interpret it. So, it is what it is. Take it or leave it.

Nuggets - I am honestly sorry that your mother passed. I can not imagine how to handle something like this if one of my parents passed. Your post did intially strike me as being "greedy" I suppose that my interpretation of "my money" is different than yours and you did not mean to convey it that way. Again, different people take things in a different way. This is why I did not post something when I first read it. I wanted to wait till things really got juicy, which I knew they would.

To the rest of the members. I just want to make this clear. I did not come into the forum looking to cause trouble, nor did I come here to be the whipping post. I will however, speak my mind when I am attacked. Which is what started all of this shit. You may pass it off on me, but that is not the reality. Did I play my part, yes. As did the rest you. I never once instigated. The attacks came first, then it snowballed. People on here do not like my opinion on things, whatever, its an opinion! its nether right or wrong. Lets be honest here, I did not come in here and start posting "stupid" things to get this "retard badge" (compared to the other 4 members' posts) This was just a matter of people "not liking me" which is a bunch of BS also, again, you don't know me. I am not some child. It was even stated that because I was not in the "clique" I would be ragged on, which is fine, keep it civil. Its almost like this forum feeds of this type of thing. I have yet to see anyone post up something that would qualify me for this "retard badge" For what, giving my opinion on medical marijuana...? Speaking out against the crowd on the bash fest of another member...? Those are pretty lame reasons, if at all.

Well thats pretty much it, that is my vent/apology and thoughts. I was challanged to be a man. I have done it.

Carry on with the BS, I'm sure the few of you will jump right in.
You are a head shrinks dream. Must be due to the PTSD of killing a man.
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