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Originally Posted by opie View Post
This, however is crucial to our country moving forward on a positive note. If my neighbor needs firewood, and I have some to give, I will give. Not because the Government tells me to but because its the right thing to do. Because it doesnt make sense for the Fed to use tax revenues to fund charity projects at a local level. We all need to make sure we are helping our local communities as we see fit. We all also must not be demonized if we choose to not help if we dont agree with the circumstances surrounding a particular situation. Im not going to delve to deep into this... But taking the charity responsibility away from the local level and centralizing it has invited greed and corruption. It doesnt make sense for the Fed to take a dollar from me and send $.25 back to my neighbor to buy firewood. I could give my neighbor that full $1.
Here's the other thing with the firewood analogy. Sure, I have extra firewood. But what if my kids need my firewood? Shouldn't I be able to give it to them first? Or maybe the single mom who works as a receptionist at my place of work? What if I realize that my next door neighbor is a lazy bum who won't get off his ass to cut firewood? In turn, the guy across the street works really hard at cutting firewood but has a crappy chainsaw that keeps breaking. Maybe I would choose to give him my extra firewood. Why should the government have the power to take my extra firewood and give it to someone who really doesn't deserve it? There seems to be this opinion that those with money (the rich) stuff it under their pillow and hoard it. Many of them are huge charity donors.

The issue is having the choice to spend/give your money where YOU choose, not where the government chooses.
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