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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
I understand exactly what you mean by using it as a weapon. You already tried that once. I refuse to give you that weapon. If it matters so much to you then you decide what is "wealthy". I would not be opposed to raising everyone's taxes.

This does matter to those folks sitting in that park in New York.

I would hope it never gets that high, but how high is too high?
Absolutely everything swings back and forth. And the further it swings one way, the further it going the other way. All I'm trying to do it get people to realize just how far it's gone from center.

Yes, I was surprised to see how fast the income tax rate went up after they started. I don't know the exact reasons. Wars and the depression seemed to have something to do with it but I'm sure there was more to it than that.

I'm sure it happens, but I doubt that there are large numbers of people choosing poverty and the government dole over a middle class lifestyle.

Nobody said it. I was pulling out the slippery slope argument.

I'd rather figure out how much money the government needs to provide the essential services and then find a fair rate to tax people at to raise that much money.

There a lot of space between anybody and nobody.

OK, sure.

I hadn't even thought about that aspect of it, since I have no desire to start a business. I would be fully supportive of an effort to make it easier for someone to start a business.
I think you and I are on the same page generally, we are just arguing semantics. So Im going to leave it at that.

Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
Yes, it would be stupid for you to cut down your own tree. But if you had an abundance of excess firewood laying around wouldn't it make sense to give some of it to your neighbor before they did cut down your tree to keep warm?
This, however is crucial to our country moving forward on a positive note. If my neighbor needs firewood, and I have some to give, I will give. Not because the Government tells me to but because its the right thing to do. Because it doesnt make sense for the Fed to use tax revenues to fund charity projects at a local level. We all need to make sure we are helping our local communities as we see fit. We all also must not be demonized if we choose to not help if we dont agree with the circumstances surrounding a particular situation. Im not going to delve to deep into this... But taking the charity responsibility away from the local level and centralizing it has invited greed and corruption. It doesnt make sense for the Fed to take a dollar from me and send $.25 back to my neighbor to buy firewood. I could give my neighbor that full $1.
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