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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
calling someone's mom a slut, bad
calling someone's mom a slut when she has recently passed, real bad
asking for money but saying you are not in a public forum, poor taste it could have been handled through pm's via those who asked
apologizing whether it was truely heartfelt or not, a good gesture
Not accepting apology and asking for posts to be removed, indifferent but leaning towards accept and move on
the direction of this thread, bad

steveo=dick, often funny, often over the line, indifferent.
nuggests=funny most of the time, questionable posts as of late but has a lot on his plate

reading a post where I am indifferent to the and it's not me arguing senselessly with greasemonkey = priceless

I'm done with the whole steveo thing. Several people pmed me and asked me not to lower myself to steveo's level. I've had enough fun, I'm just going to let it all go. Steveo is on my ignore list know and I don't what he says. I am just considering the source.

As far as the Donations thing, people were PMing me so I thought I would put that up there. People's donatians have helped. I've put $3000 that was intented for me into mom's funeral plus I am selling some of her stuff. I am slowing working towards the grave marker and I'm sure it will happen soon. It's my job as oldest son to take care of her final wishes.

Things are getting better. I'm going to ignore steveo and get back to my usual nutty ways around here. The last year of my life has really sucked ass between my mother's issues and my own. It's all coming together now and once I get Mom's final affairs taken care of, life will go on.

Thank you for your input. I will try to modify my behaviour accordingly.
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