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Originally Posted by steveo View Post
thats why you are begging for money, cause you are so prosperous.
Coming from the guy who thinks he is "educated" because he started college and had to drop out due to not being able to cut it.

Wait this is the same guy who thinks he is loaded and has the world by the balls because his uneducated ass makes $40,000 a year. I need to dig up that thread sometime, i still laugh when i think of you bragging about how awesome you are because you dropped out of college and still make $40,000 a year. Your a joke.

Steveo remember the thread where you talked about how lucky woman in Montana would be to have you, well your reasoning was you are educated, have money and a nice guy. I just called bullshit to the first two, and well the last one you pretty much did a good job of disproving on your own.

Steveo why don't you go wipe your grandpa's ass some more and show him why he should be proud of you...............oh wait you can't i forgot..... I'm soooorrrrryyyy.
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