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Originally Posted by opie View Post
OK... I want to draw the line at $60,000. Anyone making above that is rich and must be taxed at a higher rate to make everything fair.
OK. Like i said, it's not something worth debating, because where you draw the line for "rich" vs. "not rich" is completely arbitrary. If someone thinks $60,000 is rich that's fine, I don't care. And we already have a graduated tax rate. They have already decided that income over certain thresholds should be taxed at a higher rate than income below. What your suggesting is nothing new, just a change to existing tax brackets.
Originally Posted by opie View Post
It goes without saying that those with money tend to do better and make more of it. It should be an inspiration for others to want to do the same. But in our " everything must be fair with no risk" society, we are being told we can have the fruits without having to expend the energy to harvest the fruit. Problem is someone has to harvest the fruit in order to spread it around.
It's not just that they're doing better, it's the degree to which they're doing better. In 1980 the top 1% earned about 8.5% of the total income in this country. Most people seemed OK with that. By 2008 it was around 20%. People started to become unhappy about that. That latest number which I heard just yesterday put it at around 24% and people are protesting. It keeps going up. How much higher can it get and what will happen then? What happens when it gets to 50%?, to 75%? to 90%? What would happen if 1% got 99% of income? How long do you think a system like that would last?

Originally Posted by opie View Post
Heard a stat today that there are more poor as a percentage of population now then there was back in the 50's and 60's. Some war.
That's exactly what I'm talking about. The low to middle is sliding into poor. The war you like to keep referring to is being lost.
BTW the top tax rate in the 50's and 60's was somewhere between 70 and 92%!

Originally Posted by opie View Post
Its impossible to focus on a multi faceted issue by addressing only one of the factors.
So we should only have one thread here where we talk about life, the universe and everything?
I find it easier to focus on one facet of a multifaceted issue than try to figure out the entire issue at once.
Originally Posted by opie View Post
Havent read Atlas Shrugged, but thanks for mentioning it. Ive got a road trip coming up and I need something to listen to.
You'll love it, but it better be a really long road trip, it's over 1000 pages.

Originally Posted by opie View Post
I never said only a few people can run a business.... But there is a distinct difference between running a business and owning a business. Everything about Kris' Splicing ends with me. Succeed, fail, liability, trust in the quality of my products... Im it. If I had an employee, they would have none of these issues to worry about. Punch in, do their work, punch out and go home. But since you think anyone can do it, why arent more people actually doing it? I know why, or have an opinion anyway, but curious what your thoughts are on it.
And I never said anyone could do it. I couldn't. Well, maybe I could if I had to but I don't want to. I tried managing restaurants many years ago and hated it and wasn't very good at it. So I went and found something else I like doing better and am pretty good at (design).

I agree that there is a difference between owning and running a business. Most of the anger seems to be directing at those running publicly owned businesses, not those owning privately held businesses.

I think it's great that you started your own business and hope you are very successful, and will keep you in mind when it's time to replace my winch line.

Why do I think more people don't do it? I'm sure there a million reasons. Maybe they're happy to work for someone else, too lazy, too stupid, don't want the hassles, don't have the desire, don't have the skills... the list is endless. My reason would be some combination of the above.

Originally Posted by opie View Post
So the protestors are essentially barking up the wrong tree, you know it and agree, but choose to support the movement. That doesnt make a lick of sense.
Yes, but when your tree is cut down and chopped up and burnt for firewood to keep warm how much comfort will you get from the knowledge that it was the "wrong tree"?
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