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Originally Posted by Wramblerguy View Post
Well that axle the the one pieces came from blew up because somebody did a HORIBLE job at Lincoln locking it and there was shit floating around in it plus the pinion angle was way to high and it overheated and took a shit going down the road so no not because it is junk and that guy went to a 44 only because it is easier to find a 44 with 373 gears then a nt 20 with 373s
The reason there is probably so many broke axles is because of careless/stupid drivers
I'm going of facts and experience as well, it may not be all my experience but experience all the same
As far as weldingthe tubes and a truss on the 20 if u don't know how to weld find a friend that can and make your own truss fukc all this buying after market parts it's alot cheaper
Learn some fab skills
And yes I know of 2 jeeps that break front d44 u joints more then whenthey ran the d30 up front
There are so many variable that you can't use that as a comparison. Same tires? Same driveline? Same gearing? Same turning angle in the knuckles? Same brand u-joints? Same terrain?

Just going out on a limb here but I'm thinking there is a reason none of the pros are running D30's. Just a hunch mind you......
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