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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
You could draw that line just about anywhere you want and justify it. In this narrow instance, yes. But I really don't care to debate it. Draw the line where ever you want and you will find that in general those above it have done better over the past few decades that those below it.
OK... I want to draw the line at $60,000. Anyone making above that is rich and must be taxed at a higher rate to make everything fair.

It goes without saying that those with money tend to do better and make more of it. It should be an inspiration for others to want to do the same. But in our " everything must be fair with no risk" society, we are being told we can have the fruits without having to expend the energy to harvest the fruit. Problem is someone has to harvest the fruit in order to spread it around.

Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
OK. Then it's a "war" that has gone on since we moved out of caves and will continue until the earth crashed into the sun.
Heard a stat today that there are more poor as a percentage of population now then there was back in the 50's and 60's. Some war.

Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
OK. I prefer the term "focused".
Its impossible to focus on a multi faceted issue by addressing only one of the factors.

Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
Put down your copy of "Atlas Shrugged" and realize that in the real world there are more than a handful of people in this country that can run businesses. Again, no one is indispensable,
Havent read Atlas Shrugged, but thanks for mentioning it. Ive got a road trip coming up and I need something to listen to.

I never said only a few people can run a business.... But there is a distinct difference between running a business and owning a business. Everything about Kris' Splicing ends with me. Succeed, fail, liability, trust in the quality of my products... Im it. If I had an employee, they would have none of these issues to worry about. Punch in, do their work, punch out and go home. But since you think anyone can do it, why arent more people actually doing it? I know why, or have an opinion anyway, but curious what your thoughts are on it.

Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
I agree. Those protesting don't. I hope it gives you comfort when the shooting starts.
So the protestors are essentially barking up the wrong tree, you know it and agree, but choose to support the movement. That doesnt make a lick of sense.
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