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Originally Posted by opie View Post
So is $160,000 your line between rich and middle class?
You could draw that line just about anywhere you want and justify it. In this narrow instance, yes. But I really don't care to debate it. Draw the line where ever you want and you will find that in general those above it have done better over the past few decades that those below it.
Originally Posted by opie View Post
Any Government run program, yes.
OK. Then it's a "war" that has gone on since we moved out of caves and will continue until the earth crashed into the sun.
Originally Posted by opie View Post

IMO you will then have an unbalanced conversation. Your point has been decades in the making and it involves far more than just the top income levels increasing their income.
OK. I prefer the term "focused".
Originally Posted by opie View Post

You seem to be neglecting to accept the fact that the majority of high wage earners provide jobs as well. Read business owners. We dont have a country of entrepreneurs anymore because our Government has created a class of citizens willing to sit back and collect benefits.
Put down your copy of "Atlas Shrugged" and realize that in the real world there are more than a handful of people in this country that can run businesses. Again, no one is indispensable,
Originally Posted by opie View Post

But that system is not exclusive to me. Every single person marching in the protest has the same opportunities in front of them as I do. The difference is I am choosing to exercise my options and take life by the horns. Not protest that the system is unfair and lobby Government to change the system. Hell, I dont even have half the education most of the protestors do and I manage to keep my real job, run a side business and support my family which allows my wife to stay home with the kids. I find it difficult to accept that the "system" is flawed. Perhaps there in lies one of the differences... I choose to use my time to be productive.

I dont want to make it sound like Im rolling in money, cause Im not. I land squarely in the lower middle class every year


IMO, it would be in your best interest to stop going broke, not change the system. The system doesn't care who you are, your sex or race, religion etc. When I say system, I am referring to the framework that is laid out that allows anyone to become a master of their own future.

Coming from a background where I was stupid in my younger days in regards to finances, education and business... I learned what works for me and what doesn't. It never entered my mind to change the system. What I had to do was modify my behaviors because my behaviors were the detriment to my success, not the system.
I agree. Those protesting don't. I hope it gives you comfort when the shooting starts.
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