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Originally Posted by opie View Post
SO then you need to define rich. This exemplifies one of my points that the class definitions are loose, just like district lines.
The stats I've seen say that a a group those in the top 5% ($160,000 in 2008) of income and above have seen their share of the total income rise, while those 10% ($113,800) and down have dropped. 5% to 10% stayed about the same. So when I say the rich got richer I'm talking about those with income in the top 5% or above. The higher you go the better they've done compared to the whole.
Originally Posted by opie View Post
War on poverty is self explanatory.
I assume by that you mean it to include any program that helps the poor.
Originally Posted by opie View Post

Then how is anything OT in regards to talking about one issue?
I guess it isn't. But I'll just start ignoring what doesn't pertain to my point
Originally Posted by opie View Post

So you would be OK, and Im not being a smart ass, with the folks that actually carry the majority of the income tax burden packing up and leaving the US due to changes in tax law that requires them to pay even more while 47% still gets to pay at least $0 in Federal income tax?
Yep. One thing I've learned over the years is that no one in indispensable. They'll have to leave their job, so their income will stay right here, being made by someone else, who will pay the taxes on it.
Originally Posted by opie View Post

I think this is where you'll find the biggest argument from me. Its not anyone elses responsibility to elevate anyone else. Nor should anyone be pressured or coerced into doing so. The want and desire to create a better life needs to come from inside each of us. The fruits of that struggle are much sweeter if you know you did it because of your hard work, not because someone artificially leveled the playing field. We hear talk that the rich are doing their best to keep the poor, poor..... I say that is hogwash. IMO, the biggest hurdle to the lower and middle class moving up is regulation via Government agencies.
And this is where I'm not doing a very good job of making myself understood. I agree with you. Everyone should be responsible for themselves and no one else. It's human nature to look out for your own best interests, and that's the way it should be. If the current system is working for you and you're making piles of money it's in your long term best interest to keep the system going. If the current system is not working for you and you are going broke, for whatever reason, it's in you best interest to change the system. That's what those folks protesting on Wall Street are trying to do. The way to keep the system that benefits you is to convince a majority of the people that it benefits them as well. This may mean that you have to take less for yourself now and share more of it those in a lessor position in exchange for keeping a system that will allow you to continue to make large sums of money well into the future.
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