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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
You are right, the numbers I quoted don't show the example I intended. They were wrong. However, the point, albiet small does exist. Using basically the same numbers and plugging them into the calculator give this.

A person making $34,499 pays $4,750 in taxes. If his income goes up $2 to $35,501, he now pays $4,875 or an increase of $125. Therefore, his $2 increase cost him $123 loss. Using my example of $36,000, he would pay $5,125, so his $1,501 bonus would net him an additional $1,126. My bad.

Now to the point, you are correct, it would be very rare and the numbers would have to fall perfectly for him to actually lose money by making more.

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34,499+2=35,501 ?

I want a 2 dollar raise like that.

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