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Originally Posted by pooleo8 View Post
yeah, well, you all go ahead and have your fun. Eventually you'll get tired of posting in this thread. I will not feed you trolls anything. Im sure your will resort to posting "up" "ttt" "bump" etc. Which is completely stupid. Carry on.

Originally Posted by pooleo8 View Post
I just really find it incredible, that a moderator would put something like this up. This forum clearly has no control over its users. Is the purpose of the forum to find a guy and bash him? I have been a member here for 2yrs. I come to the defense of another guy being bashed and then it turns on me. I make some simple, non-insulting posts and I immediately get the bashing. Then, a moderator will put this up, encouraging the bashing to continue...!?!?! Unbelievable!
buckle up butter cup.

Originally Posted by pooleo8 View Post
well, thats ok. Hide behind your computers, being all "bad ass" because in real life, face to face, you back down and stick your fingers in your pussy.
Ahhh, the old e-computer tough guy retort.

We're all man enough here not to be pussies, well, most of us are.

I'm certain that of all the people who have met me, many will tell you I am just as big of a dick in person, I will say my peice just the same. I can also asure you that of most of the members I have met here, except for a few gigantic pussies, they'll all say their peice to your face as well.

Hiding behind the computer screen worked pretty well back in 2001 when being an internet dick was invented, but 10 years later, you can't hide.

Nor can you hide your retardness.

You'll be the one who won't let this post die, I am sure of it, so as PP said, stop blaiming everyone else, and accept the fact that you are not liked because you say retarded things, don't know when to shut up, and blame others for your inability to have a logical thought.

I will now sit back and enjoy.
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