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Originally Posted by PavementPounder View Post
If you said your peace and defended yourself, that would have been fine. Your problem is that you are a whiny fucking crybaby that doesn't want to deal with their own problems (people not liking you) and tries to make it a Moderator problem every time.

It is nobody else's problem but your own if people don't like you. Many of us understand that concept and came to accept it a long time ago. Grow some balls and take care of yourself.
i find it amusing that people "dont like" one another. Its a GOD DAM FORUM! A few people on here know me. None of you fuckers do, so shut the fukc up. I dont cry about any problems. I say what I have to say and it gets turned into this shit! It would be one thing if I came into threads, un-provoked and started shit. But I dont. I say what I have to say, then the bash wagon comes by, I then defend myself and the bashing continues, just like now.

This will be my last post here. And Im sure one of you will call it out. Added to the ignore list and thats the end of that.
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