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Originally Posted by pooleo8 View Post
Everyone on this forum are a bunch of pussies with sandy vags' I simply made a comment about how I think cocain is a bigger problem over marijuana. Then I get accused of being a retard. Typical immature basement dwellers I suppose.
What you should do if you truely want to defend your honor to these dicks is make a youtube vidoe of yourself getting everything off your chest. There was a guy that did that a while ago and nobody messed with him again! Let them have it! Be sure to call out CC specifically as much as possible. You cannot go wrong with going that route.

Originally Posted by pooleo8 View Post
yeah, well, you all go ahead and have your fun. Eventually you'll get tired of posting in this thread. I will not feed you trolls anything. Im sure your will resort to posting "up" "ttt" "bump" etc. Which is completely stupid. Carry on.
Is this a challenge?
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