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Originally Posted by opie View Post
HAHA! I dont even want to elaborate because it sounds so nutjob when I actually say it!!

Based on the reading I have done, and what I have heard from others, I firmly believe that the "occupy wallstreet" movement .....

I cant do it!!! It makes sense to me and I am preparing myself and my family for some extremely hard times. We are reaching a turning point in the US where we are either going to turn around and start heading back to a society based on laws and equal justice, or we are going to a full blown Democracy. I intend to try to avert the path to the latter via the non violent system that was put in place, but do not rule out that this country is heading down the path of another civil war.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
We're talking about the same thing. Your civil war is my class warfare. It's the "haves" against the "have nots". Those that are doing well under the current systems don't want to change it. Those that aren't doing well do want to change it. The trend is that there are fewer of the former, and more of the latter. Once the latter becomes the majority change will become more likely.
Regardless if the movement started as a grassroots movement it claims, or if it's part of some type of sinister plot to start some type of revolution, people will only join it if they believe it will lead to a better life. Telling people that are poor or unemployed that it's their own fault they have no money or jobs only helps push them to the other side. It helps them believe that the current system just isn't working for them, that those in charge don't care about them. It only pushes us closer to the edge.
My hope, and I think the only hope, is that those who are benefiting from the current system and want to keep it realize that they may have to give a little. They have to appease the masses. Not out of charity, not for moral reasons, not out of fairness, but for self preservation.
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