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Originally Posted by liftedandgifted View Post
Really? They don't have $30 dollars per vehicle fees to maintain trails and road crossings. That adds up quick not counting what they buy in gas and other things when they are out.
The sled trail fee doesn't help the local economy, it repairs the shit the guys on sleds tear up. Yet you're lumping it in as an area where the locals profit? Wrong, and it doesn't come close to covering the costs of repairing culverts and signage that are destroyed by drunks on sleds.

Originally Posted by liftedandgifted View Post
Also what is a little up setting is when the state Takes out of what was made by trail permit fees and builds a bike path and sleds cannot ride on it. Example... path between Charlevoix and Petoskey was partially funded by trail permit fees. Charge the bike riders taxes to build their own paths. They don't have to by permits or pay gas taxes. Snowmobiler's pay gas taxes, registration fees, and trail permits.
My ORV money goes to maintain routes that only sleds can use during the winter. Get over it, it's no more one persons land to recreate on than anothers. It's called equal access and it's what pro 4x4 associations like the Blue Ribbon Coalition have been fighting for. 9 months out of the year that sled parked out in the barn doesn't contribute shit to the economy and bikers, hikers, skaters, walkers, bird watchers, butterfly collectors, photographers,etc... pay the bills at the Mom & Pop Shop.

As a side note; As long as we're saying money talks, the last two years ORV registrations have out numbered sled registrations. Should we turn more trails over to ORV's and ban sleds from those trails in the winter?
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