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Originally Posted by bigblockford79 View Post
You obviously think that the only individuals that use the trail in the warmer months are locals. The Fags you refer to are most likely on vacation as well, buying gas, food and paying for lodging of some sort. Not to mention their season lasts 4-5 times longer than yours.

Think of it this way - The trail was paved to cater to the summertime users, who by the way are usually kind and courteous to the residents of the area. Then a group of entitled morons(snowmobilers) F-up the trail to the point no one can enjoy it in the warmer months, and create much unrest with the natives. Eventually the trail gets abandoned and closed for good.

Pretty sure studs vs. no studs has very little to do with the SAFETY of your sport. I think it has more to do with the number of liquored up asshats, or those with 1000cc machines and the skill level barely above a 380.

I have been around snowmobiles quite a lot and have ridden many, and I have always felt more comfortable and in control WITHOUT studs than with. The un-studded machine is much more predictable and requires a higher rider skill level. So the "safety factor" you speak of is in fact just a false sense of security.

I would say you are RONG on all accounts here. Studs are WAY safer than non-studded tracks giving the rider stopping power. Studded tracks (if done right) track better and are easier to control. The only time studded tracks become less predictable are in sliding/drifting situations. They get so much traction, that point you start to drift becomes very fine and the rider has an increased chance of high siding or running off the trail, thus requiring more skill. However I'm a big fan of no studs and preffer no studs, even tough I'm running them right now.
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