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Originally Posted by chasetheface123 View Post
Personally will not go after one of the new yami's. Last year of riding with them, we stopped every half hour or so to let them cool down because they would overheat if you rode them too hard. Love the new summits, and new polaris mountain sleds, but if I had the money, I would buy a 600rs.
If the yammies were overheating you probably were on some that didn't have the right ratio of water to antifreeze. Yamaha is known for putting 95-100% coolant in their sleds. They deny this of course but it has been proven time and time again. When I got my 07' Attak if the snow was hard packed or the trails got thin the amber overheat light would come on and we would have to pull over and throw snow on the running boards. Well after researching it on various sled sites I found this info that Yamaha does indeed make it almost pure antifreeze. I checked mine and sure enough so I sucked out about a quart and mixed it with water and redline water wetter and now I can let mine run for 15 minutes on a summer day without the light coming on. It is still protected to -45*F and the light never comes on in the winter. I have since put a 151" 2.25" paddle track on it with mountain skis and this is how it should have come from the factory it hooks up like crazy . From a dead stop I can wheelie it past 100mph. It will yank the skis off the ground at will I can be cruising at 60mph and stab the throttle and the skis come up about 1 1/2-2 feet. I ride mostly off trail now boondocking so i like the light front end it helps greatly with carving turns . I'll see if I can find a pic after the stretch job and post it up.
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