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Originally Posted by pooleo8 View Post
Those issues will not cause the problems you describe. I have disabled the EGR on 2 of my rangers. Try taking it off, make a gasket or a block plate with some exhaust gasket material. DONT cut the hole. Just the holes for the bolts then put it back on. As for the o2 sensors, they are just telling the truck to lean out or richen up. Again, not going to cause those problems. Is this motor the MAF or speed density? If MAF check the IAV (Idle Air Control Valve)
Looks to be a MAF so I will check that out tomorrow too. Here's exactly what the truck is doing...

Cold start up and drive it usually runs fine for about 5 minutes
Once I hit 10-15 mph after that it bogs down so bad it almost stalls, then when I hit the gas it takes off and runs fine again. Once its hits 35mph it will start to bog and almost stall out, then I hit the gas and it takes off again and runs perfect up until 45, then it does the whole thing over again. I've never seen this happen before so not sure whats causing it. It just keeps getting worse every time I drive it.

Edit: Compression should be good, the motor has been very weel kept its entire life with oil changes every 3k, and never ragged on.

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