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Post sold/1995 tracker $900. FIRM...../sold

1995 tracker $900. FIRM.....
Heres the link to the original forsale thread:
FS/FT 95 tracker 2dr $1100 obo. SOLD. - Great Lakes 4x4. The largest offroad forum in the Midwest

It was and still is a good deal, no complaints on the geo or the seller. Just my daughter who I loaned the money to to get the geo in the first place, She needed winter wheels for her new job/Krogers and now has decided to leave town on Oct 8th and move back to LA. and im now left holding the bag instead of the cash.
It is a good running tracker, everything works. Drive it home, drive it to school, etc.

oh ya, almost forgot
Ummm, YES ill sell it to anybody who wants it, well......almost anybody....except Ninga's "I hate Ninga's

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