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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post

There is no debate that Government spends to much and is inefficient. But that's not the topic of this thread.
As I stated earlier, we could debate until the end of time about what taxes system would be fair. No tax. A set amount per sole. A flat tax. A 100% tax over a set amount. a 100% tax on all income with the government redistributing as it sees fit. You'll find someone out there that will support each of these as "fair". But again, it's not the topic of this thread.
Nor is this thread about welfare mom having to many babies, or who grew up poor, or any of the other strawmen built in this thread.
I find it ironic that some people think that high taxes on the rich will decrease their drive to succeed, but think high taxes on the poor will increase their drive to succeed. But that too is a strawman.

This thread is about the justification of those people protesting on Wall Street.

I'll re-post the article that Brods posted because it is exactly what I am talking about:

And specifically this:

Of course executives who are running the company should make more than those just working there. Of course hard work should be rewarded. Of course those who strive to improve their skills and knowledge through hard work and education should be rewarded. None of this is in debate. The question is how much. If a CEO in 1970 was worth 39 times the average worker, why is that same CEO in 1999 1000 times the average worker? Will that same CEO be worth 25,000 times the average worker in 2028? Where will it end?

It's not about the government robbing Peter to pay Paul. It's about at what point does the wealth and income disparity between Peter and Paul become so large that Paul is essentially an indentured servant to Peter and he decides to do the robbing himself. Will the USA still be a great place to be then?
I was replying directly to a statement you posted - your opinion that it was okay to impose higher tax on people that make more money.

This is America - those idiots can march on wall street all they want. They should be given every opportunity to conduct a peaceful protest - if they aren't, Mr.Toes' channeled ghost tells me OBLAHBLAH will make everything all right.
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