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I imagine that people are looking at it in 2 different ways. For me, I am looking at private industry and I am sure some are seeing it from a publically traded industry. Either way, I see it basically the same, although I believe a private owner who created his company bottom to top should reap the rewards. To me, every portion of the equation is supply and demand. There are very few people out there who can run a compay well. There are tons of people out there that can push a broom. And for every task in between, there is a similar supply and demand. So, if there is a need for high quality people, the price per person goes up. As that skill set gets saturated, the price per person goes down. Why does a company choose to pay an executive a high rate? Because they feel they get a return for their money that offsets the salary. It happens at every level. The above quoted statement is only talking about the top 100 CEO's out of thousands of companies. So, why are we worrying about 100 people? If they have found the secret to making their companies one of the top 100 companies in the world, they are worth every penny they are getting.
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