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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
How would you like a 12% pay cut? Or even better, a 18% pay cut under the Cain "9-9-9" plan? What if you were barely getting by, and I don't mean KerryAnn's friend making 50K and thinking they are barely getting by, but one of the 15% or so who live in poverty, and had to give up another 12 to 18% or more? Do you think that will provide the impetus to better themselves and achieve a higher level of success? How many more will end up homeless? How many more will face hunger? How many more will turn to crime? Do you think this will make America a better place? Do you think this would increase or decrease the odds of America dissolving into class warfare? Do you think the resulting increase in the divergence in wealth and income will help or hinder the overall prosperity of this country?

Trust me I would love to pay less taxes. (Slippery slope coming)How about this, in rough numbers the federal government takes in about $1.8 trillion a year in income and payroll taxes. There are about 300 million people in the country. So that comes out to $6000 per person per year. So if we all benefit from government spending equally, I'll just pay my $6000 a year and be done with it. It'll suck for a family of 4 that has to pay $24000 but what do I care. Maybe it will provide the impetus for them to better themselves.

Cliff notes answer: because I don't think the alternative is whats best for the country.
Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
12% is about what a "flat tax" would need to be to collect the same in taxes as we do know.

Cain plan calls for a 9% flat income tax and a 9% sale tax equaling 18%.

These would be implemented equally across the board, so those who now pay near or less than zero tax would see that much reduction in spending power.

One thing you're forgetting is that a government that robs Peter to pay Paul will always have the support of Paul. If there were not clear lines defining a level of poverty beneath which the taxes were reduced or even eliminated - ANYBODY supporting that "plan" would not get into office.

Since the minority of voting America pays the majority of the taxes, there will never be enough votes to back such a measure.

It seems politicians have got every. single. one. of us snowed: We sit here arguing about which tax is fair and whom should see increases levied. While we battle out in this, as you call it "Class Warfare", our employees in D.C. are continuing to embezzle and waste our money. We talk about budget and spending - when we should look at cost-to-benefit ratio.

Has anybody ever done a study to see how many of our tax dollars it takes to provide $1 of aid to someone that needs it? I'm almost willing to bet that number hovers around $100.
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