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Default F150 bogging out

I have a 95 F150 with the 5.8L 114k miles and every time I start it in the morning the idle drops to the point where it almost stalls out and barely stays running. As soon as you hit the gas it will even out and run fine again until it hits 15mph then bogs down so bad the truck won't move and it just about stalls out. Doesn't feel like a missfire but more like the injectors acting up. Put some seafoam in it the other day thinking it might help and now it runs even worse. Its been throwing codes for a faulty O2 sensor / EGR valve for a while and has an exhaust leak, but has never had any major problems running up until now. Would the EGR valve / O2 sensor getting worse over time cause these problems? Or could I possibly have an injector problem?

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