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your personal attacks on one another are very colorful, but denoting your tax bracket and arguing what your parents payed is inconsequential.

The elites of our nation are using the legal system, the laws they pay lobbyist's to promote, and our free trade agreements to increase their own wealth. In doing so they are removing jobs from our market and increasingly globalizing the economy. This might be all fine and dandy for whoflungdung in China (or any other nation we have mobilized towards), but it comes down to hurt you and I.

The real conundrum here, is how do we promote national growth first, maintain job growth, place a handle on inflation and get our economy back on the fast track? Until this happens we will see more jobs lost and our dollars will continue to buy less and less - furthering the class divisions and creating domestic turmoil.

People will only take so much before they break down, then we will have a revolution.

As Snafu6 said, just wait for the hope and change crowd. They'll lower energy costs gradually until election time then they will more than likely spike back up. Industrialist societies depend on cheap energy to function. This will get us back on track for a short time, then who knows? Corporate greed will kick back in and they'll more than likely ride this horse into the ground.
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