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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
What I see is a couple of people that while they were growing up poor were, whether they want to admit it or not, benefiting from a tax structure that was more progressive than it is now, but who now that they are in the upper percentages in income want everyone to pay the same. May Dad grew up very poor. The 10 people in his family lived in a tar paper shack smaller than some of our garages now. He put himself through college while working, had his share of "shit jobs", but worked hard and achieved a comfortable upper middle class life that I enjoyed while growing up. I know Kerry's story about why her Mom was poor but I don't know your parents excuse. So while you guys were growing up poor, my Dad was paying his hard earned income into a progressive tax system that you benefited from....
It is a different time now than it was when we were kids. The levels of dependents on the Government dime 20 years ago wasnt anywhere near what it is today. Its not that I want to door slammed on anyone, its that the current model is unsustainable. We still have the same percentage of folks living in the US at the poverty level than when the war on poverty started. We have created a standard of living provided by the US Government via the taxpayers and now have generations of the same family being born and dying while living on Government assistance. I see jobs open all over Lansing but the line at the unemployment office strings out the door. The days of your Father are over because the Government has shown that folks can obtain a better standard of living on assistance with no accountability. We cant even drug test recipients because its "humiliating." We cant ask that woman on WIC or welfare keep their legs closed because they have a right to continue to have children even while on the public dime, by as many fathers as they see fit.

Its unsustainable, its socially disgusting and it will drag us down as a country if it continues. We have kids being born into Government assistance that will see that as an acceptable way of life and never get motivated to be productive members of society. Heck, we have generations of this now....

Something has to give. We either set the sheer pin ourselves or the entire engine is going to blow up.

Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
You're welcome.
I started working at 13 washing dishes 8 hours a night after school. I took over for my brother who did it for a couple years and wanted to move onto something else. We grew up with my mom without a father ever being in the picture. My mom had it tough with no college. No money for family vacations, no money for college.

We never once received state or federal aid.

YOU'RE welcome.

Class warfare... You dont even know you are doing it but want to point out that everyone else is.

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