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Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
I look through this thread and the people and their opinions and this is what I see.

Bruce cad designer, no real extended education(associates degree maybe? dunno), apparently poor in his mind and constantly getting fucked by "The Man", thinks the haves that worked hard to get their stuff should give it to the have nots because, "its the right thing to do"

Stan no extended education(that I know of), hard worker, does pretty well for himself, thinks you get what you work for.

Jim no extended education, smart guy, does quite well for himself, thinks you get what you work for.

Kerry came from a less than stellar situation, went to college, got a degree, got a shit job, worked hard, turned shit job into a very good job. Knows you get what you work for.

Chad college education, came on rough times, cut back, on the rebound, obviously going the right way because of his drive to do better for himself and his son.

Myself I came from a family where the combined income was less weekly than I make before lunch(no I don't make a ton, we were just that poor). I was told to work hard, go to school, get an education, and have what you want. I worked hard, went to school, got that education, got a good job. Didn't give up and only blame myself when things don't go my way.

I believe in this world you can still get ahead with hard work and dedication. The only thing holding people back is laziness and the assistance they already get for being mediocre at life.
I have an associate degree. I certainly don't think I'm poor, I don't think I've been "fucked by the man". I just think that a large divergence in wealth and income is bad for the long term prognosis of this country.
What I see is a couple of people that while they were growing up poor were, whether they want to admit it or not, benefiting from a tax structure that was more progressive than it is now, but who now that they are in the upper percentages in income want everyone to pay the same. May Dad grew up very poor. The 10 people in his family lived in a tar paper shack smaller than some of our garages now. He put himself through college while working, had his share of "shit jobs", but worked hard and achieved a comfortable upper middle class life that I enjoyed while growing up. I know Kerry's story about why her Mom was poor but I don't know your parents excuse. So while you guys were growing up poor, my Dad was paying his hard earned income into a progressive tax system that you benefited from.... You're welcome.
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