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Originally Posted by mikesova
it was quite rediculous, you would think they would shoot him in the leg or something. I've heard this story quite a few time from my old boss.

Repeat after me:

Michigan law does not recognize "shoot to wound".

Every shot is considered deadly force.

Okay, now you have a guy who is drunk and mentally ill. He is agitated, armed with a deadly weapon, and showing a willingness to cause injury.

You go to talk him into surrendering. You've got him contained in an area from which he cannot escape. Refusing to drop the deadly weapon (which has shown in court cases to be faster than a gun within twice a man's arm's length) he moves aggressively toward the you.

You can't just step aside let him go. He can't just leave because he wants to.

Your avenue of retreat is a narrow hallway and he's very close.

Okay keyboard commandos, what do you do. Remember, there is no such thing as "shoot to wound" in Michigan.

You haven't been issued a Taser, which would have probably saved that Sova kid's life, or at least put his death off until the next incident.

Striking weapons (ASP, baton, etc.) put you within arm's reach of the blade, thus eliminating them as options.

Pepper spray, if issued, would be detrimental to you as well in the confined space. There would be a guy with a knife and you suddenly can't see real well.

Please, tell me what you would do when the knife wielding, drunk, and mentally ill man slippery from the blood and therefore difficult to grasp comes at you with a knife.

Although heartbreaking for the family the shooting was justifiable. In one quick movement the deceased ran those cops out of options, and they did what they had to do to protect themselves.
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