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Originally Posted by cerial View Post
The 80 housings are not cheap and would require bracing to come close to what diamond could offer. Yes I get the floater, a selectable locker, and one beefy 3rd. But, I want this to be 70" outside tire to outside tire. A stock 80 would be wider then I want requiring custom wheels with a offset that would have me hitting the hubs into things. I could see dropping $1500 into buying a stock 80, upgrading the breaks, shafts, shortening, and rebuilding it.

Beefing a 8" makes a lot more sense then using a 80 to me.
you can get 80 rears with elocker/disk brakes for 600 bucks all day....if you feel the need to narrow it you will only need to do the long side...I would bet you would have less then 1100 bucks into it including gear change(if needed),shortened/respline axle and bracing(I dont believe its needed)....80 axles are some tough bastards...a decked out 80 wieghs in @ 7500lbs easy

Diamonds are nice but why go through that money for an 8" 3rd(it comes as a bare housing and all the little crap adds up will end up with a 2k rear axle) cheaper getting the TG housings and gaining some clearance
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