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Originally Posted by chadcooper55 View Post
What are you using the 1 3/4 .250 for on your cage? Why do you need 700# worth of 3/4" plastic for the body? It seems like you are trying so hard to make this thing indestructible that you are actually going backwards. The less weight you have the less stress on all your components. Your thought process; I need to beef up the body to prevent damage, wow that is heavy I need bigger components to handle the weight, Damn now that shit weighs more I need to beef up the body a bit more, Damn now I need bigger axles to handle the extra weight, exc..... Stop thinking like an engineer and spend some time going to offroad parks and competitions and check out the rigs that work. You think waaaaay to much!
We know. We've tried to explain it to him before. It doesn't sink in.

Lot of those weights are pretty silly anyway. V6 engine = 425 lbs, not 650.

700lb body and 1100 frame/cage.
1000 lb suspension.

Its utterly crazy. And won't work worth a crap. And *will* be far more breakage/failure prone, due to excess weight and complexity.

Should go the exact other way:

150 1.75 .120 cage(60 feet with tabs/brackets)
350 Fiberglass body, steel front clip.
300 2.4 ecotec Motor(with accessories)
100 Trans/bell
120 Transfer/shafts
200 Frame/reinforcement/tabs
120 lbs links and air shocks
100lbs gas tank + 15 gallons
400 5 Tires/rims
500 Jeep XJ Axles or Toyota Axles
100 Suspension Seats/Audio system
150 Recovery items/winch
250 other (battery, radiator, exhaust)

2840 lbs wet.

It would be more reliable, and wheel better, and get better economy, and actually fit inside a Jeep body.

You are adding weight/materials just on the notion that more = better.
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