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Originally Posted by creeping death View Post
so? over all, what do ya think of it?

anything need tweaking?

are you happy with your spring rates?

looks like it did friggin awesome!

next time you go and you have an extra seat gimme a holla.

i so have done rig envy.
Spring rates are working good, I need more time in the seat and more video to see how it really works. So far the ride is pretty good, could be better but I don't feel like changing the valving right now, things are still getting broke in.

I made new transmission cooler hoses, bit the bullet and went with AN fittings. Finally added the tender coils to the rear and clearanced the rear transfer case yoke a bit, I am now using all 16" of shock travel front and rear.

I still need to get the exhaust inside the frame, the passenger side is basically destroyed. I also found out the hard way that I need sliders at the rocker panels, I had a stump get wedged between the back of the cab and the drivers rear tire - had to winch out of that one. There are other little winter upgrades and what-not as well but nothing major.

I most likely won't be going anywhere again this year, need to work more and save money to have it ready for next spring. I will let you know as soon as the first trip gets planned and the seat will be yours (unless the wife wants to go).
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