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Yea those hilux parts are impressive and I went back and forth looking at them and the many options they have. That break setup sounds like a very strong reliable idea. I have seen other guys talking about upgrading to vented calipers.

Dropping the 9.5 for a 8" seems like the wrong direction. Which is why I dismissed it earlier on. The 9.5 is far from perfect being a pain to set up correctly. It is sure not something I want to do in a hurry so I can be to work on Monday. Won't I need to go to cryo r/p if I use the 8". This takes the whole stock replacement 3rd idea and tosses it out the window if I need to setup a beefier r/p using the 8".

The whole idea about Building the center rear housing was so that I could use the 9.5 3rd. The front really does not need a beefier housing I was just looking at the cost of sending out the stock housing for a professional cut and turn and for like $400 more I can upgrade to a thicker housing while doing the cut/turn from diamond that would not need all the gusseting.

I don't see myself buying a lathe any time soon. They take up a lot of space, cost a lot, and I don't see myself using it more then once or twice a year. I had a industrial press drill in my last garage. I was all gun ho when I got it but after like a month of use it was just in the way.

Don't get me wrong I'm totally interested and heck the additional clearance of the 8" is nice. I'm just a little weary about chucking the 9.5 3rd for a 8". When I first started looking at Toyota axles a 85 hilux was top of the list. It just did not work with the ps/ps drop I had planned at the time and the fj62 seemed to be the perfect fix while being stronger.
The hp8" in the front would further help with clearance and I looked at going with a 8"front/9.5 rear because of it when looking at making the ps/ps setup. I decided against it because I tend to run more rpm's in reverse spinning the wheels faster to walk out after getting stuck and the 9.5 is stronger in reverse. With the 4.10/4.11 not really being a concern. It is still something I am considering if I don't use the 9.5 in the front.
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