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Default Best way to build centered housing axle.

I am building a rig from the ground up and need some fj62 axle advise. I have a set of 87 fj62 axles.
I after much kicking and screaming I finally realized I needed to changed my transfer to a atlas2 with a center output. I still Like the fj-62 parts availability and the strong 4.11 3rd of the fj62 axle over other guys. I keep going back and forth the best way to actually build this centered housing axle. I admit I don't know much about Toyota's except that these axles are dang impressive. I have always been more of a Chevy, Ford, Jeep guy and am now realizing how Nice some of these Toyota parts are.

I like the 4.11 gearing it works real nice with the 465/atlas2 and could see myself getting a spare stock 3rd set just in case with the 4.11 gearing.

My current plan involves getting a 58" Housing from diamond, installing Longs, a full floater kit, a disk break upgrade, using the old 9.5 4.11 carrier that I have, and installing some type of selectable locker.

I am also looking to beef the Breaks on this thing with larger calipers. I am looking to drive the heck out of this with something that I can submerge in mud during the weekend and still rely on to stop me while cruising down the highway. I don't need e breaks in the rear I will fab up some type of transfer case e break.
I would like to keep maintenance cost down on this by using for instance the cheaper style rotors and some beefy calipers with low cost pads to stop this thing and would not mind replacing the pads every year or freak if I had to replace the rotors at the same time.

As far as the front axle goes it is dang near perfect. I could see using it as mock up at the very least. For the money of sending it out for a proper cut and turn I might just upgrade to a beefier 60" front housing from diamond. I could see installing some longs and rebuilding the hubs in the front housing and calling it good.

What I am looking for is some advise on what would be the best route to go about this. And for that matter what would be the best parts to use. I plan on running 35" tires on 16x10" aluminum rims with no offset. But, I am going to be running this a bit hard through the woods mostly sliding down hills full of leaves and mud into trees and such. Most of my wheeling has been done down this trail cause it is so close. Don't worry it is a 8 mile long trail I made over the years on private property it is just really easy to slide into stuff and with the tires sticking out 3" from the body they will take a good amount of beating. I tread lightly I just end up using trees to bounce me back onto this trail. When on other trails I stick to others tracks.
The axles will be getting slid into or ran into things left and right, I need good hubs and bearings, so I'm not rebuilding them every weekend. I could see rebuilding the hubs/bearings every year around October as long as it is not out of the world expensive.

I think I am alright going with the stock knuckles with 35" tires but am here for advise so toss it at me on these.

Would I be better off strength>cost wise building this myself with the best parts from A, B, and C off road or simply mailing my 3rd to Diamond, or just giving diamond a call and saying "this is what I want"?

I have hydraulics on top of ride-tech air ride on top of long arms for the suspension. So there would not be any need for a ARB compressor that would add to the axle cost.

I don't want to just waist money but do realize good stuff is not cheap. If I could get away building the rear for under $2500(with the selectable locker) and the front under $2000 I would be really pleased.

Just looking for the best way (and best parts for the money) to go about building these axles. Thanks for any advise In advance.
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