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Originally Posted by pooleo8 View Post
^^^Agreeing with the 2nd post.

Then, there were 13 posts, mainly bashing on the guy from just reading your side of the story
if you have not read the lug nut thread, or the topless wife picture thread, or have had dealings with mr. cripe, or read about all of the other people he has disrespected and jerked around, or read about all of the cobbled together shit he has sold people, then you have to explain, how in the fukc are you trying to defend this retard? Are you retarded yourself?

Originally Posted by Fatty Matty View Post
I don't think it's the fact that he likes/dislikes anybody. If he doesn't feel like dealing with somebody at a given time, he says "fuck it" and is arrogant enough to think that it's okay to be that way..because he feels he is better than others.

It's called zero respect for others. Simple shit. The fact that your time has been wasted isn't important to him, all that's important to him is himself. He doesn't respect other people.

He's already dug himself out of here...over time Karma will take care of him. Screwing with people is a shitty way to live.
why is this so hard to figure out?
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