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Originally Posted by pooleo8 View Post
How am I just as dumb? I simply posted the facts dude, Before the guy even posts, people are calling him fucksticks, insulting the guy by basically calling him gay, calling him a douche. A guy agreeing about calling him a fuckstick. Then being called a fukctard, then a guy making allegations on him loosing his house.

That pretty much sums up a bashing on a guy in my book.
JoshueCripe said (and I'm not going to quote it because it's all over this thread) that he doesn't sell to people he doesn't like. And he said he didn't like the OP. He disliked the OP (re: refused to sell to him) before this thread was started. So how is it that something that happened in this thread would cause JoshuaCripe to dislike the OP and not want to deal with him? Oh right, it happened BEFORE this thread. You need to go reread the thread and use your head instead of trying to nutswing off JoshuaCripe.
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