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Originally Posted by pooleo8 View Post
Nice to see Moderators of a site jumping on the bash wagon and abusing their authority....
Wrong. I told him to eat a dick because I am tired of the stupidity that has continuously spewed from him and he tried to poke fun because I gave him an infraction. I have seen enough of him already. Beyond this thread.

Originally Posted by pooleo8 View Post
Never attempted to make the "rules" just shows what kind of site this is, that the folks granted the authority to oversee the site and keep it clean and running smoothly, jump right in and join the folks their to "govern"
Try again. The infraction he received was completely unrelated to this thread. Not that I owe you an explaination, but he is being a smug, arrogant ass. I give far, far less infractions than anyone else on this site. I am about as easy going as it gets. I almost always simply send a friendly pm unless the person has been warned multiple times already or they are simply a douchebag in general.

Also, I do not see where I jumped on any band wagon. I never said shit about his family. I never threatened him. I am, however, helping to keep this thread on the main page so he may be exposed to as many people on here as possible.

I easily could have given him a couple of days off, but have chose not to. I will let him continue to show all of the decent people on here what kind of character he is. Very nice of you to attempt to come to the defense of an obvious piece of trash by taking a swing at me.
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