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Default JoshuaCripe don't deal with him

I would hesitate to deal with this guy. I have been talking to him through PM's, texting and phone calls since Thursday about a vehicle he had for sale. He lives south of Jackson and I live in Fenton. Its about an hour and a half from his house to mine. Which is a decent drive if I was to drive all the way there then back. So through the discussions back an forth I asked him to meet me. So here is a run down of the time line on how this went.

Through PM's and texting on Thursday and Friday he sent me some more pics and I asked some basic questions about it. He quickly responded to all texts and PM's. I sent him a text on Saturday and he said he would be available all day on Sunday for me to look at it. I sent him a text about 4pm to ask him if noon would work on Sunday and if he could meet me half way. He responded about a half hour later with "were at the Michigan Renaissance festival in Holly..will text later". I don't know if he has ever looked at a map or not but Holly is right next to Fenton. He literally drove past my house to go there. I responded by telling him "no problem...are you driving it now?" He then told me he was driving it and if was near there its 2hours form his door all freeway. I the told him I am right next to holly and was wondering if he could stop by for me too look at it since he was up this way. He did not respond at all on Saturday.

Sunday morning he sent me a text informing me that the key way on the p/s pump stripped and he would take $1300 for it like that. I told him no problem I could fix it and asked if he still could meet me half way. He then sent me back a text to tell me he was going to take it to get it fixed this morning. I told him to not worry about fixing it because I could. He didn't answer back so I called him about 11am. During the phone conversation he told me that he should be done fixing it shortly and he had to pick his wife and kids up from church at noon. We agreed to meet half way and he would call me back after he picked them up.

Still no response from him at 12:30 so I called him with no answer and left a message. He never responded so through out the day I had called him and sent him a couple more text's and PM's. I still have not heard from him at all but just seen he posted that He traded the vehicle off.

So just to give everyone a fair waring be careful of this guy wasting a lot of your time.
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