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weird case it does say in part because " he posed a threat to himself " ... if you have a weapon and you are wielding it and the police are called thats what you get. There is a few cases like this in the news in detroit last 2-3 years. one in detroit a family with a deaf son, he was wacked out from not taking his meds or on drugs i think, either way i think he was not the most sane guy. He was busting up the house and family members. He was brandishing a shovel or some lawn tool at the police kinda chasing them. They shot his ass dead, and the family was all bitchy about it they say they just wanted to police to talk to him and settle him down. Police are not miracle workers if you cant make your sucidal kid take meds, and he is out of control the police do not get a standard issue from staples. They have to make split second decisions. They also get sued when they dont shoot the psycho kid, and then goes and stabs his gf or mom. His old man would likely sue them if his wife was killed by his nutso kid.

The police job is to eliminate threats, not be family conselor. Dont call the police on someone unless you want them to possibly be arrested. If they dont want to be arrested, expect them to be tasered, shot, etc. If that sova guy had a weapon and one cop said one time drop the knife, and then he started flaing about and cutting him self and not listening .... i would have shot him also.

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