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Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
While eliminating the Dept of Education, Dept of Energy, etc... makes great campaign rhetoric, it's not that easy.

Blind, literal and unthinking "verbatim complaince" fundamentalism with the Constitution is just as bad an idea as Biblical (or Islamic) fundametalism. I agree that we need to "get back to basics: using the Constitution as our specification and thoughtfully eliminate/reduce/repurpose many parts of our government.

These things are going to come to an end one way or the other. Returning these powers to the states, per the constitution, is Mr. Pauls plan. The other path is to wait for the Federal Government to declare insolvency, which is coming soon. Which do think will be more orderly?

Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
And while I think we need to get a lot more defensive of our own economy/industries/markets and rework a lot of really bad "one way" (generally against us) trade policies and agreements, full-on isolationism isn't the answer either. And we can't just "cut and run" from "illegal" wars - while we need to get out sooner rather than later, it has to be done right.
I challenge you to use the man's own words to show me where he ever used the term isolationist or isolationism to define his position on trade or war. You need to listen to the man and not the talk radio mafia's propaganda about the man.

If you are pro-war that's a good reason to vote against Mr. Paul. I am not. I don't believe that war makes us safe and I don't believe we can afford to continue, we are beyond broke.

Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
And look at Paul's record: his inflexible, idealism results in his getting little done. As POTUS, he would generate such gridlock and paralysis that it would make Obie's first couple of years (with an extremely friendly House & Senate nonetheless) look like a master statesman.

So, while he's a great reminder of how we need to start doing things, he's too extreme to actually get anything done - hence "nutjob"...
Willingness to compromise on sound principle's does not make one a good leader. Compromise got us what we have today.

I see nothing nut-jobish about any of his positions, if you actually listen to him and not to other's opinions of him.
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