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Originally Posted by mikesova
Hey dipshit, libs sent troops to Vietnam. THIS JUST IN: JOHNSON WAS A DEMOCRAT! Just like a conservative to say something stupid. I'm not being partisan here, bad ideas is bad ideas.

This is your exact quote mikey, you never said combat troops, and it was still in the 50's either way. But then, you're never wrong, so all those guys must have not been there. And yes, it was President Eisenhower who sent us in first.

Having no experience in Military matters, you don't have a clue about these things. Advisors didn't just stand around a parade field telling the South Vietnam troops how to do it in the field. They were out there with them in combat.

The more you post on this conflict the more you show what a total asshole you are. You are so one-sided on this democrat/republican issue you cannot even begin to call yourself a 'free-thinker'.
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