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Originally Posted by ellsworthcj5
Never fearful, America, Land of the Free, would enter any battle to help others. Generous with her wealth, she gave to others so that their lives might be more fulfilling.

Originally Posted by Stone
America was never as perfect as this story makes it out to be. That being said there is no where else I'd rather live even today.

Also I found this quote from it particulary interesting based on the anti Bush inuendo's within the story.
well for one in "the olden days" our troops lives were less valuable . We lost tens of thousands of troops in single battles in WWII for example. My grandpas life is only worth a fraction of a ENLISTED man today, dudes that were drafted well ... they are just kinda subhuman before 1980. Not really worth saving.

Also a difference those patriots listed didnt take shit from no one, they stood up for their rights, and there wasnt a strongly biased communist media seliing sob story agenda on the war 24/7. Clinton sent troops to i believe 10 different conflicts and i dont remember any bitching from our left leaning "unbiased media". I would love to hear whats different now than us in 'nam, or going to panama in the 80s, or somolia, or hati in the 90s (or 8 other places :tonka: clinton sent troops)

We used to be resiliant and never gave up look up the numbers for how many died in WWI WWII and the civil war. We have lost less than 4,000 troops, i dont take 4,000 lightly but you need context to judge the benefit and the cost. Much like bombing japan and killing a couple hundred thousand with the bomb saved many times that in ground war casualities for us and japan, the war against terror is costing us 1,000 guys per year or roughly 1/3 the lives of one large attack. Reducing the power of radical islam HAS TO BE done. we cant put it off for 20 years. Heck we should have been whooping as 20 years ago !!!

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