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I have stuck with the BFG Rugged Trail in load range E. They were the OEM tires and I have gotten around 80,000+ miles out of them. I'm at about 165,000 miles on the truck. They wear great, they handle great year round, and they tow great. I seriously considered going with a more aggressive "looking" tire, but I can't beat these. I keep the rears inflated to 75-80psi and the front at 65-70 psi at all times. Makes for a little rougher ride, but I never know when I will hook up to tow something. For the money, you can't beat them. They really handle loads well too. I recently loaded 2 yards of 2" river rock in the 1-ton and they barely squatted. Figure that is about 5000 pounds in the bed. I only drove about 3 miles with that much load though.
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