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Originally Posted by barry1me
I used to design brakes at TRW and after working there I will never turn a rotor on a vehicle that I actually care for. I hate to say this but spend the money now and just buy new rotors.
Just an FYI - there are quite a few techs who will turn even brand spanking new rotors. Why? Because it's cheap insurance (and the parts handlers like to drop them and stack them the wrong way)- if you dont turn it and it pullsates, your ass just lost commision because now you've gotta pull the brakes back apart to turn them. I know of atleast two dozen techs at both independent and dealer shops that will atleast chuck them in the lathe to check for trueness. It may not be something to do on f-250 rotors because they're so huge it'll take a large drop to warp them, but i take it your speeking about all rotors in general.....and I'm talking everything from carquest rotors all the way up to OEM jag rotors....

I'm not saying it's good to turn all rotors - if the rotors rust pitted/grooved/heat checked in any way, it's junk

Originally Posted by barry1me
Unless you were using your parking brake a ton there shouldnt any reason to turn the parking brake drum...FYI the parking brake that you are talking about is called a Drum in Hat style parking brake.
And if people would actually use their parking brakes, they'd never need to be turned because of the rust that develops in them
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