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Yes, I know how to weld. But, it has been 10 years so I got a 211 to so it would be easier to relearn and work on this.

No, I have not built anything to this degree mostly just restoring and body work. I have welded up some suspensions and fixed some frames and such but this will me my first on a lot of levels. I have always wanted to build a jeep from the ground up but never had the time or the cash.

CAD, modeling, Animation, has always have been a hobby. I am using Sutdiomax because it will allow me to add all the components(not just the frame) see how they all work together, see how they will flex and slide so I can fix things before I build them and find that the drive shaft will rub the suspension arm's drive shaft guard at... a angle or something.

I am a truck driver because I save almost $1500 a month by staying out here not having a car, house, insurance, fuel cost etc to pay for this way. That and I got sick of being told I was not qualified(when applying due to not having a degree despite years of experience) or working jobs that I could end up dead or handed a pink slip the next day. Driving relaxes me, always has even when I was getting 8mph it relaxed me, that's why I drive.

I am saving up for a house while I try and build this which is part of why I don't mind staying out so much. It is not a smart financial move dropping what I estimate will end up around 15k into this(not counting the 4k in tools now). But I DGAF I have always wanted to do it and I am.

I signed up for a new contract that they say is susposto run a year(it pays really well) the beginning of this month. Like a week before he beginning of this month I had 5 days completely off planned and have everything except the steel there(the bender,notcher,welder, etc). It is enough time to do most of the fish plating, install the uprights, and prep the axles but 4 days before I was going to head home they tossed me this contract and started the 1st. It would not be much progress but it would be enough to show everyone on here I was not just talking BS. Despite wanting to tear this down to the frame grind and fish plating the (non rotted) frame to avoid flexing I could not realistically turn down the offer.

I am currently fixing the huge FU in the uprights and have (re re re) drawn up how all the panels and glass will need to slide to be removed while not interfering with the inner cage which is still being reworked.

It is a lot of design, check, design, check. But it is all in a effort to reduce the use of a BFH to remove and rebuild.
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