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Originally Posted by darkostoj
I have been building this jeep for years and I have just lost the motivation and time to finish it, I also just bought a new TJ so I unfortunately need to sell this because I can't see me having the time to finish it in the next decade.

I did a frame up nut and bolt restoration on the jeep with a normal 4" suspension lift, 35" tires, and the rest of the jeep was mostly stock. I eventually wanted more so I sold the rolling chassi, kept the body, and started to build a new rolling chassi for it. My goal for the jeep was to run ~40 tire and drive better than a new jeep on the street, and be unstoppable offroad. I was only going to be able to wheel the thing once every couple weeks, and I wanted to DD it, so I went the extra mile to make sure all the details of the build were where they should be.

The frame started out as a YJ frame which was customized, beefed, and galvanized. The front suspension is a independant upper arm 3 link suspension with a track bar. Every bracket on the vehicle was drawn up by me on autocad and then cut out, nothing universal was used. The anti lift on the front end is adjustable to dial in the suspension exactly how you want it to feel. The front has a chevy dana 60 and is setup for 16" coilovers. The steering took me a long time to get the way I wanted. I had to have my high steer arms done on a CNC because they didnt make what I wanted. I wanted the arms to have ackerman angle built in, rear tie rod, integrated kingpin cap, BEEFY, and utilized studs and tapered nuts instead of bolts(I didnt want to have to worry about my steering ever failing on me. The steering arms are all 1.5x.250 wall DOM tubing. The track bar and the drag link are the same length and the same angle to elminate bump steer. All the calcs on the suspension check out also. I can't begin to stress how much time and though has gone into building.

The rear suspension is a dual triangulated 4 link. The antisquat is adjustable from I believe 40%-120% if I remember right. High roll center, and a negative roll axis to drive nice on the street and eliminate body roll. The rear 14 bolt is setup for discs, and it has the Blue Torch Fab Truss for mounting the links (best setup possible) so you're definately not going to be ripping off the truss on this sucker.

axles came out of a fullsize 1 ton chevy. 4.10 gears, rear is welded, and have disc brake brackets for the 14 bolt

The jeep is setup to run 39.5" iroks with 4" of uptravel and 12" of downtravel in the suspension. I wanted to keep the COG as low as possible on the jeep

The jeep is setup for a EFI 302 out of a mustang/nv4500/twin sticked dana 300 (they are sitting in the jeep now, but not included for the price below)

The body was a 95 YJ body which was stripped, and customized to not be able to tell the difference between a CJ tub. It is painted in a base/clear coat in Ford Zinc Yellow. Stainless dash, Family roll cage, basically everything is new on it. The front fenders are YJ fenders with TJ flares customized to work with the CJ hood and grill.

For the complete frame with suspension, steering, axles, body, interior, and front clip(basically almost everything pictured), i'm only asking 5,000(not including driveline and tires). I have reciepts for over $10,000, closer to $15,000 not including the thousands of hours I've spent building it. I can take more pictures if you wish, but pictures don't do the jeep justice. There is so much info about the jeep Its hard to describe everything thats been done in text, and the pictures don't do the work thats been done to it justice because it doesn't catch all the detail work.

do you really need to post the same thing 3 times? why not just bump one of your previous 2 threads..
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