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Originally Posted by masterbeatty View Post
It does have an 8,8 and already has the subframe connectors.
yea, they been using the same rear end setup pretty much from 79-95 even to 98.
If you look for rear control arms, it lists 79-95/98.(besides amount of splines,lugs,posi or non posi,sway bar dia., disc or drum, etc etc.) But The common ford 4 link 8.8 is and awsome setup. The 8.8 is a real strong rear, I dont know what they hold up to hp and torque wise, but I know guys running up to 6oohp with moser axles and a factory ford racing posi out of cobras with good name brand gear oils.

Like the other said, there are lots of swaps you can do, you can get and explore rear, sn95 rear, lincol rear, etc. etc., there all basic 8.8 4 link setups. As for the front 5- lug you can use sn-95 parts, or lincoln parts. The 01-03 cobra lower control arms are designed diff' then previous year cobras and allow more clock to clock turning, alot of drifters swap them in.

I was running bout 450 with stock cobra rear & 4.10's. the only tihng that broke was the spiders, the posi cluthces wore thin,(to many drifts and burnouts plus age) and the spiders get side to side play. After some new clutches it was good to go.
Subframe connectors are a day and nite diff'. My cobra handled like a UPS TRUCK! before I did the sub-conectors and eibeich lowering springs. After that all my freinds called it the county nascar.

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