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I know everyone is on an environmental green kick. The reality of it is that any one that wants to be completely environmentally conscious needs to remove themselves from society and go live in a cave and wipe your ass with a leaf in lieu of toilet paper.
The point is that given all the trouble that you may go through to clean up 5 quarts of spilled oil from poking a hole in your oil pan in the big scheme of things it is nonexistent.
If some jack ass wants to write a scathing article, it will only gain traction if people who champion the entire green environmental agenda are not willing to admit that more oil is sent out in ink on news papers and then sent to landfills to push the agenda than is spilled in all off road events in history.
Try not to be part of the agenda. Do the best you can, and do what you can.
If you facilitate the carrying of a cleanup kit it will not be long before you are issued one with your ORV permit, at a reasonable fee, plus tax, through a company that has ties to the legislator who flew his private jet to the capital to impose the new rules on you.
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