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Originally Posted by nyxis
than why arrest him and incarcerate him and make him pay a 500$ bail? wrongful imprisonment would be one reason to sue the governement.

(again i want to emphasize i do not think what the guy did is right, but i also do believe heavily in our freedoms and that they are taken away by more and more legislation every day and not one of the officials that run for office nor are elected try to save those freedoms) ..
i believe in our freedoms also ... i also belive in not making trouble when you dont need it or cant afford it (sure get arrested if you want to make a statement not if money is tight and you need to be to work in 12 hours). I believe in knowing the rules and the law, and unless you are a lawyer dont go out of your way to TEST THE LIMITS. He wasnt arrested for calling cheney a dick at the local pub and yelling at tv like you would be in stalin russia, or mao'ist china. He can do that every day from now till he dies. Anyone can be arrested and held for 2 days, if they arent charged you have to let them go. You can detain anyone for a period. My hunch. He seemed unstable as most people dont go yelling at leaders like that. Arrest him, and when cheney was out of that dudes area out of that mall, town etc. Let him go.

Its VERY serious. Did you guys know if someone makes even a joking comment about hurting the president the secrect service find out they will come to your house, maybe arrest you, and you will be on a list for the rest of your life, and every time the president comes to say detroit, you will have to be accounted for and i think they have an agent actually follow you until the president is out of town. What was this jack ass dad doing ? Trying to look like a tough guy in front of his kid ? :tonka: The secrect service doesnt mess around, even middle school kids have gotten introuble for making threats about the president .... in a known joke. You just dotn joke about it.

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